Announcement: Currently, I am only offering card readings as they are the most conducive to virtual readings. Current rates start at $15 for a three-card reading up to $40 for a 10-card reading. Readings can be done via live video call or as a file delivered to the recipient.

Over the years, I have studied various forms of divination, including scrying, tasseomancy, cartomancy, and dream interpretation. My personal divination practice blends the idea of divination with the use of Cards as a mental focusing tool, to help me work through the factors of a specific issue. If you are interested in a reading, contact me to discuss scheduling.


Tasseomancy, brought to Europe by Roma travelers and popularized in England and Scotland starting in the 18th century, is often considered synonymous with “tea leaf reading,” though it can be the reading of any sediment in a cup. It might be related the practice of reading wax or ashes.


Scrying is the act of looking into a surface or substance, such as water, a mirror, smoke, or flame, to divine omens, symbols, and portents. Similarly to dream-reading, scrying relies on associations between the symbols observed and requires the greatest synchronicity between the seer and the client.


Cartomancy, or card reading spread throughout Europe after the printing press made playing cards more available, enabled by the Romani people, who have a deep link to this divination technique. Anything from a simple deck of playing cards to an elaborate tarot deck can be used for a card reading.

Disclaimer: Divination is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in place of necessary medical, psychiatric, or legal guidance.